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From manapua to mochi, we have it all in Honolulu, HI!

We make all of our products fresh daily in Honolulu, HI. You’ll find many local favorites, from manapua to mochi, on our menu.


Charsiu Pork Manapua                        1.80
Chicken Manapua                                   1.95
Black Sugar Manapua                           1.65
Porkhash                                                          .80
Halfmoon                                                         .80
Pepeyau                                                            .80
White Rice Cake                                          .90
Brown Layered Rice Cake                      .90
Pot stickers                                                     .80
Vegetarian Spring Rolls                         1.00
Almond Cookies                                           .80
Chow Fun – Large                                    5.10
Chow Fun – Small                                    3.00
Gon Lau Mein – Large                           5.30
Gon Lau Mein – Small                            3.00


Be sure to call in advance for large orders. Need something for that special potluck event? Tell us how you would like your order packed. Do you need to have your order divided into several boxes? OR is it traveling to the continental U.S. or to the Hawaiian Islands? We will gladly do our best to accommodate your needs.

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